Aircooledwonders Classic Car Hire

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Aircooledwonders Classic Car Hire is committed to making all your special events and functions truly memorable.

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Ferdi’s Swap Meet

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Porsche Club Breakfast Run

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Ferdi’s VW Swop Meet

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28 August 2011

Welcome to

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This site is created for all you air cooled enthusiast, who cannot resist the feeling that you get, when cruising along endless open roads with wind blowing through your hair. Whether this is a daily habit or a weekend addiction, nothing can stop you from enjoying one of the world’s unrivaled wonders.

Our aim is to bring the stories behind as many of these beauties, for everyone to enjoy and dream about and also to capture the history behind as many of these cars as possible in South Africa as well as around the world. We would love to hear from our international friends, as we all share the same passion.

Simply Werner is a section where you’ll find priceless information about your air cooled wonder. It will mainly feature tips on VW beetles for the simple reason that my friend Werner Alker is the best at what he does, and that is to better the beetle. It is impossible to know it all and that’s why we here, to learn. This however does not mean that you cannot ask questions about your pride and joy, even if it has a different face. We would like to help and most likely will have an answer, doesn’t matter what make or model you drive.

In short, enjoy this site, and if you don’t, please let us know.

Wernher Hartzenberg