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In Memory of Al Gibson

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# 85903: IT ALL ADDS UP.

By |April 18th, 2012|Featured Articles, Porsche Wonders|

Article by Wernher Hartzenberg

People have always put great importance on certain dates. All through mankind’s existence time has played a huge role. First it was measured by dusk and dawn, then came weeks, months and years. Soon it all got formulated into a calendar. I’m not superstitious and believe that what will happen, will happen. In my books 11/11/2011 was just going to be another day in sunny South Africa. There was however one event that happened that day, which stood out more, than let’s say, the day before. It came in the form of a phone call from a gentleman by the name of Deon Smith, who knew of an early Porsche that was possibly for sale. He had gotten my number from someone who had met me while I was restoring Silverado and heard that I had a passion for early air cooled cars. He broke the news that it was a Convertible D and that there was a potential buyer from the United Kingdom. He also told me that the car belonged to his cousin, who was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer and knew that his dream of one day restoring the car was growing slimmer by the day. We talked about the car and ended the conversation with the mutual feeling that the car should stay in South Africa.



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There is something about a barn find that beats walking into Porsche Centre and buying a shiny car from a well dressed sales person. This however does not mean that we don’t appreciate newer Porsches and that there is anything wrong with window shopping from time to time, but I simply get more excited when the words “old rusted project” pops up. I guess one of the reasons is that it turns into a journey that has its ups and downs, rather than a turn of the key and off you go. In my opinion a lot of character and meaning gets lost when doing the latter.

Now those of you that have read the Silverado project have met my dad and have discovered his will to track down any old Porsche. The story of Oerknal is no different. All it took to kick-start this chase was a visit to Porsche Centre and the simple question of “where can I find an old Porsche?” As always the answer came back “We have a great 993 pre owned beauty going for a bargain” and then the big smile. But the real answer will only come when a bit of persistence is practiced.  On this particular Saturday the sales person recalled hearing his manager talking about an early 911 in boxes. Bingo, that’s the one we’re talking about.


Probing the South African connection

By |November 9th, 2011|Porsche Wonders|

Article by John Bentley

The story of the South African-built 356s is shrouded in mystery.
John Bentley sketches the scenario-but admits it is not the final word on the saga.

‘A Porsche model built in South Africa?’ The small group of Zuffenhausen middle management brass looked at me in disbelief. I knew it had happened back in the early ‘60s.  South African importers Lindsay Saker had assembled a series of 356B ‘hardtops’ in Johannesburg.  More than that I was unable to tell.  How I wished, on that visit to Stuttgart back in 1985, that I had had the facts at my fingertips.  For it is a story known by few, if any, of the modern generation at Dr. ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG.


Porsche Speedster P84407

By |October 11th, 2011|Porsche Wonders|

Article by Eugene Gouws


Brief History


Chassis number: P84407
Engine number: P610222
Original registration: TJ 59530
Original owner: Lindsay Motors, Dr Kaye
Used by Eric Hump. 1958 to 1961

Subsequent owners:

Alois Klesse. 1961 to 1964
Jan Els. 1964 to 1969

Taken off the road.

Shaffer. 1969 to 1970
Philip van Dijkhorst. 1970 to 1974
Willie Springhorn. 1974 to 1993
Eugene Gouws. Under restoration. 1993 to 2007

On the road

Eugene Gouws. 2007 to ???