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Angela’s Picnic

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George Old Car Show

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356 Owners Group Breakfast run (Swartkops Airbase)

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Open Track Day Kyalami

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In Memory of Al Gibson

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Roaring Race Rod

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All photos by Mike Schmucker @ Studio88 Photography and Aircooled Wonders. Ever since the wheel first appeared on chariots 3200 BC, man has been obsessed with the ability to travel distances in less time than ever imaginable. This need to travel faster and faster is inevitable , with names like Sir Malcolm Campbell, Craig Breedlove, Burt Munro, Andy Green, Richard Noble and many more in the record books, all pushing the limits of man and machine. These speed capsules driven by visionary men would have no meaning if there wasn’t the perfect surface to run them on. Bonneville’s salt flats [...]

Kalahari Desert Speedweek 2013

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14/09/2013 - 23/09/2013

Ferdi’s Swap Meet 2013

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Harvard Photo Shoot

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Cars in the Park

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Ferdi’s 7th VW Swap Meet

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Jacaranda Beetle Club Run

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Aircooledwonders Classic Car Hire

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httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OlxxXsXkwM Aircooledwonders Classic Car Hire is committed to making all your special events and functions truly memorable. For more info and bookings, please visit http://www.classiccarhiresa.co.za