By: Werner Alker

Any trip, short or long, should be planned, but – anything could happen.

Regular service ensures that your car is safe and roadworthy in general, but – it is good to do a long trip check as well.  Tyres, tyre pressure, V-belt, wheel bearings, battery even light – can let you down.

A toolbox with essential spares like V-belt, clutch cable, accelerator cable, petrol pump, points and a condenser and even a few fuses and some globes can make life easier when you have them on board.

Nowadays Beetle spares are not as easily available as cigarettes or beer continues to be, they are hard to come by.  When I went to Part Zone today and asked for 2 sets of late model Beetle points (1971-1979) they told me, they keep only one in stock!  What will happen if you ask for a 1968?

Be sure to make yourself a nice little spare kit, just in case.

Now you can go off – enjoy your trip!

PS:  Even keep a blanket in the boot, imagine your windscreen breaks in winter or when it’s raining.

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