We all know that the 356 Porsche is a head turner, but what can one do to give it that unique identity? Here at Aircooledwonders we believe in keeping our cars as original as possible, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot spice things up by adding modifications from that era. A good example is to compliment the car with something as simple as a few period stickers. No harm done and easy to change back. After all we own these cars to enjoy them. They become part of us, something you get recognized by. It is more likely that people will remember your car instead of your name. How often have you heard “that guy with the silver speedster …”?

Here are some reversible changes that were tastefully done by Exclusive Conversions.



Give your car that GT look by replacing the glass windows with lightweight perspex sliding windows. By doing this it will not only look unique, but knock off at least 2/3 of the weight. Remember it’s not only the glass that weighs, but also the window mechanisms. You’ll notice the three holes in the rear quarter windows. This is to ensure that the air inside the car can escape.


Engine lid

In the whole history of Porsche only the 356 Carrera came out with these cooling vents. This surprises me, because we all know that air cooled cars do overheat. This fibreglass modification is not really a weight saver, but will surely make your car cooler in more than one way.



The bonnet is probably the heaviest replacement part on your 356. Yes, you guessed right, replace it with a fibreglass bonnet. Weight is not the only reason for the change here; it also allows you to add the adaptor on the tank, so that the car can be fuelled without opening the bonnet. This is a huge advantage in an endurance race, where saving time is crucial.

The keywords in giving your car its own identity are “reversible changes “. These changes are less harmful than changing the colour of your car for instance and therefore will only add to the value. So go ahead and take a walk on the wild side.



All these modifications can be professionally done through Exclusive Conversions.

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