Casheri stables might not house any thoroughbred horses, like the name seems to indicate, but instead you’ll find some classic horsepower, and a lot of it. This stable’s door first opened in 1994, when Clive Winterstein rolled in his first of many beauties, a 1962 model 356 B cabriolet named Liesl .This was just the start of many great classic cars that soon followed.  Clive might tell you that he loves all classic cars, and believe me he has more than a desirable collection, but it doesn’t take long to recognise that his first love is 356 Porsches.

Like I have already mentioned, Liesl is a 356 B cabriolet that was born in 1962.She has won a number of concourse events in her life, but as you’ll soon find out, Clive is not the kind of guy that shows up at events with his treasures pampered on the back of a trailer.  One of many runs she’s completed over the years , includes a 10-day Porsche 356 Tour from Johannesburg to Cape Town, called the” ‘Tour de Cap” .She even took home silverware  in this event , by winning the “Best Economy” award with a incredible 6,8 liters per 100 km.

There is this unexplainable disease, with no cure, that hits one when you purchase your first air cooled wonder and this is exactly what happened here. Clive soon found Liesl a sister, named Emma. Emma is a 356 C Cabriolet from 1964 and was rebuilt in 2001 by Clive. The sense of adventure has always been in the family and in 2003 this car was shipped over to the UK, where she completed a tour of Wales and Ireland. She was brought back to South Africa in 2005 to prove once more how versatile Porsche made their sports cars. Back in South Africa she was prepared for one of two African Odyssey tours that would see their participants complete a route of more than 18 000 km in 30 days. Emma completed both these round trip tours, from South Africa to Kenya with ease , in 2006 and 2008 .Clive prefers to do these African trips with Emma, for the simple reason, that unlike the 356 B and earlier  models, the 356 C came with much improved disc brakes. And believe me; brakes are needed in Africa, where potholes are common.

Finishing up Clive’s Porsche collection is the sweetest sounding 356 of all time, a Carrera GS 2l built in 1963(The Carerra 2000 GS went on sale in April 1962 as the Carerra 2).This car is fitted with a Sebring exhaust that contributes to the more than 130 horsepower. Heidi (this cars appropriate name) spent most of her life zig-zagging through the hills of Switzerland, but eventually trotted into Clive’s stable in 2004. She is only one of 2 known Carrera 356’s currently in South Africa. During the model years 1962-1964, a little more than 400 Carerra’s were build, of which 310 were coupes. . What makes this car so unique is its engine that features four overhead cams, twin ignition, roller-bearing rods, 14 beval gears and 9 shafts that would put many a Swiss watch to shame. Designed by Dr. Ernst Fuhrmann and first tested in 1953, this ingenious 4 cam engine blew away its competition on and off the race track. This glorious milestone was achieved exactly 3 years, after the first Stuttgart-built Porsche 356 rolled off the production line. It is believed that Heidi finished first in her class at the famed 1000 km Nurenburging race. As stated by the Winterstein family; since landing in South Africa, Heidi has been seen keeping up with much younger Porsches, where she has placed 1st in both hill climbs and time trails. As any air cooled fanatic would know, with reliability and endurance being one of their foremost characteristics, her journey has only begun.