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356 Porsche Racing

By |May 9th, 2011|Porsche Wonders|

356 Porsche Racing
Music by The Doors | Song : Roadhouse Blues
Video by Stefan Wierderkehr

Giving your 356 identity

By |May 9th, 2011|Porsche Wonders|

We all know that the 356 Porsche is a head turner, but what can one do to give it that unique identity? Here at Aircooledwonders we believe in keeping our cars as original as possible, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot spice things up by adding modifications from that era. A good example is to compliment the car with something as simple as a few period stickers. No harm done and easy to change back. After all we own these cars to enjoy them. They become part of us, something you get recognized by. It is more likely that people will remember your car instead of your name. How often have you heard “that guy with the silver speedster …”?

Here are some reversible changes that were tastefully done by Exclusive Conversions.


1963 Dormobile

By |April 18th, 2011|VW Wonders|

The first sensation that runs down my spine when entering Vaalplasie, is that of classic camping, and what better way to confirm this feeling than finding dozens of rare and unique VW kombi’s proudly contributing to the atmosphere on the banks of the Vaal River.


Casheri Stables

By |January 31st, 2011|Porsche Wonders|

Casheri stables might not house any thoroughbred horses, like the name seems to indicate, but instead you’ll find some classic horsepower, and a lot of it. This stable’s door first opened in 1994, when Clive Winterstein rolled in his first of many beauties, a 1962 model 356 B cabriolet named Liesl .This was just the start of many great classic cars that soon followed.  Clive might tell you that he loves all classic cars, and believe me he has more than a desirable collection, but it doesn’t take long to recognise that his first love is 356 Porsches.


My 59 Air Cooled Wonder

By |January 17th, 2011|VW Wonders|

This here is my partner in crime and I love it. We’ve seen so much in our lifetimes, from sunrise at the Wild Coast, to endless sand dunes on the West Coast, to the Southern most point in Africa. In short, we’ve seen most of what Southern Africa has to offer, together.

It all started on 18 June 1959, when my grandfather […]